Weightlifting Leather Belts

Art No: WLB-4204
  • Quantity :
  • 10MM Double Prong Leather Belt. Please review sizing instructions before purchasing.
  • Top quality 4" double-prong black leather weight lifting belt with suede lining. This belt is 3/8" thick (10mm)
  • Multiple sizes available: Small (29"-33"), Medium (33"-37"), Large (36"-40"), X-Large (40"-44"), 2XL (42"-47") (MEASURE ACTUAL WAIST BEFORE PURCHASING: PANT SIZE IS NOT AN INDICATION OF THE SIZE YOU NEED.)
  • PANT SIZE IS NOT an indication of the size of belt you need. Please measure actual waist size with clothing.
  • Provides exceptional support to the core area to help relieve intra-abdominal pressure, as well as added support to the lower back.